Brand Storytelling

Telling stories has become a strategic priority within direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives. Through social media and content marketing stories, there are opportunities to emotionally engage customers in ways that extend to offline brand experiences.

The attraction is not as measurable as many marketing initiatives with a push for sales and an ROI. Rather, this kind of communication speaks the truth of a brand, infuses it with personality, empathy and shared values.

Storytelling is about showing how your company’s actions demonstrate your promised brand experience. It is about attracting like-minded customers, employees and strategic partners.

These two videos were created for Aequin, a new developer in Vancouver’s changing landscape, to convey their commitment to building homes with an eye on factors like livability, quality and supporting local business.

A consistent brand message throughout their office, developments and communication platforms ensures that customers will not turn away in confusion. Part of our process, known as the Polarity Funnel, assembles the truths of an organization in a flexible chart that allows dynamic brand experiences and storytelling, always revolving around the core value proposition.

When putting together your yearly marketing budget and strategy it is a good idea to add the category of brand equity & loyalty and look for opportunities to authentically tell your story.  Who are you? Why do you exist? What do you believe in? And really – why should anyone care? When you can answer these questions before they are thought of by potential clients and partners you quickly earn trust.