Be The Monster of Your Industry

Define your market. Delete the competition.

Accelerated Growth

Change in Leadership

Team Integration

Is your organisation led by ego or deeply authentic values?

✓ Do you follow trends rather than stand on your own feet?

✓ Are you burning through cash by chasing shiny objects?

✓ Is transition threatening your organization?

✓ Do your ideas and directives lack buy-in?

✓ How do you protect your values through succession?

✓ Are you experiencing accelerated growth?

If your organisation has multiple core groups, stakeholders and audiences contributing to the core values then you need a Living Blueprint.

Dominate Your Category • Grow Your Business • Improve Your Bottom Line


Bold and Inclusive Leadership

Having the fortitude and confidence to understand the interconnectivity of your role, empower those around you, and passionately pull your team forward.


Past, Present, and Future Thinking

How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been? The Living Blueprint Framework will objectively talk through what actions created your foundation.


Fact-based Decision Making

We use data, analysis, and communication to encourage smart decision making practices ensuring you can stand proudly to your past while looking confidently into the future.

Discover how the Living Blueprint framework has helped organisations like yours attract great talent, and raise their bottom line.

What Makes Living Blueprint So Different?

We start with the idea that your decisions are based on your unique values – for better or worse.

The better you understand your values, for what they actually are and not what you wish them to be – the more efficiently you can move your organisation forward and gain alignment.

The Monster ideology is based on uncovering, articulating and acting on exactly who you are based on the evidence.


“What Living Blueprint allows you to do is to understand who you are in a way that is a functional productive process to get you to the goal.”

Founder - Iridia Medical

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“I could suddenly see the core value proposition. I got clear on how to tell my business’s story, how to communicate with clients.”

Founder - Mindvalley


“As a direct result we have a strong new message, we’ve grown passenger traffic 28%, we’ve created flexibility for our guests.”

President - Pacific Coastal Airlines

Choose How to Engage With Us


At Your Own Pace

A step-by-step video guide, workbook and audio. We will be with you throughout the course and review your progress with a one-on-one call.


Hands-on Learning

Connect with like-minded business people while learning key skills to elevate your organization and become the Monster of your industry.


Organization Alignment

Our Framework will ensure all divisions, functions, and team members are included in the company vision and long-term plans.


Insight & Best Practices

Rather than seeking to emulate others, discover how to double down on the best of you, and unlock your very own Billion Dollar Ideology.

How to define your own market and walk away from the competition.

The ideology that drives Monster is based on four timeless principles that apply to individuals, companies and organisations.

By understanding each of these principles, and their relationship to one another, you can leverage them to your advantage to unlock your very own Billion Dollar Ideology. Simply put, being a Monster is an earned response from your market, employees, and stakeholders. It’s the resulting respect and admiration when everything is running well both internally and externally due to your efforts and diligence.

Release: Late 2019