Living Blueprint

Enabling You To Grow Better & Faster Based On
The Right Understanding Of Who You
Really Are In The World

Organization-wide Value Alignment

All divisions, functions, and team members are included in the company vision and long-term plans.

The Living Blueprint Framework is a 3-Step Process


① Achieve Deep Alignment

Each member of your executive team holds key truths about your success. Get the most from their knowledge to leap forward.

② Create Your
Living Blueprint

Our process will define your purpose. Your Company Blueprint is a foundation to become the monster of your industry.

③ Fill in the Opportunity Gap

Thoughtfully build a plan for your entire team double down on the best attributes of your success and solidify your culture.

Our 3-step Living Blueprint Framework will help you stabilize your core and accelerate your growth.

Results You Can Count On

Alignment Inside and Out

Have you tried to sprint the 100-meter dash while being attached to another person who charges toward a different direction? Now strap on your entire team and reach for your goals. Once we’re clear about what makes your business tick and your market jump to act, we will design strategy

Don't compete product to product or service to service.
Become a Monster and define your own category.

When you choose to engage with our consulting services, we focus on helping your entire organisation stay in alignment with your Big Hairy Audacious Goal, nurture a culture reflective of your Company Blueprint, and seize the market opportunity by building the pathway to strong results.

Articulate Your Values • Align Your Team • Become A Monster


Your Living Blueprint will help build and maintain a thriving culture. All of this translates to growth through more business and attracting great talent.


✓ Do you follow trends rather than stand on your own feet?

✓ Are you at a milestone and need to reflect?

✓ Do your Core Values feel too idealistic or unauthentic?

✓ Is your team focusing on distractions rather than core activities – how would you know the difference?

✓ Are your divisions and executives working towards the same goal?

✓ Is misalignment holding you back and costing you money?

✓ Do you struggle with team leadership?

✓ Are you an organization with a mission, rather than a mission with an organization?

✓ Does your branding and marketing fall short and resemble a money pit?

✓ Are you going through a transition?


They helped us discover our unique selling proposition

“Throughout the process, they were engaging, respectful and helped us to understand ourselves better. We have truly been empowered to take control of our brand and confidently move forward.“

Marketing Coordinator, AXYS Technologies

After You’ve Gone Through the Living Blueprint Process

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✓ You will feel more fulfilled as a business leader

✓ You will have a unique and authentic voice in the market

✓ Your story will become your most valuable asset

✓ You will align your business with your core values and customer priorities

✓ You will have cultural cohesion

✓ You will experience better business performance

✓ You will have a consistent business path forward

✓ You will have clarity, focus and intention

✓ You will thrive and love your business


“The essence of our discovery has given us insight, alignment and tools to move forward with clear intent both internally and externally. I would highly recommend any leader who works with people to explore the ‘Monster’ process with Living Blueprint.”

Christian Chia
CEO - OpenRoad Auto Group


“The benefits include differentiation from our competitors as well as cultural cohesion and alignment. It helps build and maintain the culture we strive for.  All of this translates to growth through more business and attracting good talent.”

Gilbert Ghezesan
President - Somatic


“It allowed us an amazing opportunity, really a once in a lifetime opportunity to take what we’ve built for the last 15 years, boil down what was really the essence of the culture and the corporate values and then launch that in a consistent path forward.”

Allan Holmes
Founder - Iridia Medical

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