No Powerpoint Required. Enters, the Leotartist!

No, no way. I had enough of watching people give talks and spend the first five to ten minutes making small talk and jokes about technology not working – when they should be giving a presentation. I refused to let this be me.

David Childs and Sunny Shah did this presentation at Alta Moda hair salon on October 15th 2012 to about 150 people.

The Leotard serves two purposes.
1) Helps David Childs with his presentations,
2) Shifts the audience from focusing on the artists personal style and gets them to focus on the creativity and quality of the artwork.
There is a third reason — It is cool, unusual, and oddly entertaining.

The first presentation we did was on October 15th 2012. This was a complete experiment as we were not sure what people would think. Would they start at the leotartist all night and miss the presentation? Would the leotartist choke and not be able to draw? Basically there is an element of risk every time we go on stage as there are many unknowns. For me, this is great! I have seen many people talk and have seen many great presentations that have changed my life for the better. That being said I have also seen presentations that help me sleep. I want to be in the first category and I also want to bring something new to the stage and do more than just a power point presentation. With this idea there is always an element of chance as we work with someone new each time (when possible), and this will give us a new approach to each art-board created.