The Impossible Cube

Recently someone asked me, what is the symbolism of your logo and it occured to me, that I had never actually explained it before.

The symbol (our logo) was designed by the team at SkyRocket Digital and it comes from the combination of two runic alphabets–the bowtie-like alphabet represents day or dawn, with the meaning of breakthrough, awakening, and awareness; and the lightning-like alphabet represents the sun, with the meaning of wholeness, success, and power.

Runes are known to have been around since the late 3rd century AD. They first appeared among German tribes in central and eastern Europe, and it was used throughout northern Europe from 100 BCE to 1600 BCE for divination, magic, and writing. The word itself means mystery, secret, or whisper, and each symbol has its own meanings and properties associated with it, all signifying important concepts to the early peoples who used them. They represent the forces of nature and the mind, with each having its own story attached to it on its relationship to a Norse god. Some symbols are likely to have been borrowed from other alphabets, such as the Greek, Etruscan, and the Early Roman. The runic alphabet was eventually dropped upon the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

During the identity-creation process, we explored the obvious: blueprints, fingerprints, DNA. Nothing clicked. We took a step back, completely forgot about the name Living Blueprint, and thought of the keywords that created the brand: alignment, disruption, discovery, roots, core, “monster.” How could we represent the complexity of all of those things with a symbol? After experimenting with both simple and obscure geometric shapes, we turned to researching certain symbols and their meanings, and came across runes.

Runes are essentially the roots of our language; language and voice are key when it comes to discovering one’s potential. Not only do the two alphabets combined embody all of the qualities above, they create a sophisticated shape of that of an impossible cube–again, adding to Living Blueprint’s core and values of having to cause disruption in order to create alignment in a company.