Every decision you make is a direct reflection of your values.

There is this idea that an organization which is ‘Values-Based’ is good and doing the right thing. It’s like a badge of honor, but is it true?

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I was invited to have a talk with Paul Higgins on his Podcast Build. Live. Give. What a great way to start 2021! We covered a lot of ground and a quote he pulled caught my attention. “Every decision or every process you have is a direct and complete reflection of your values.” To make the point a bit more real and biting I added that Hitler was ‘Values-Based’.  His values were horrific – but – technically – they were his values and he ran a values-based government.

Every decision or every process you have is a direct and complete reflection of your values. Click To Tweet

Here’s the thing. Values are neither good or bad. They just are, for better or worse, values. Now let’s relate that to your products and/or services. Ford and Lamborghini both make vehicles – cars and trucks right? Four wheels, a chassis, seats, engine etc… One may go faster than the other but essentially they are the same and take people from here to there. The way each company defines ‘here to there’ is dramatically different. Who is going from here to there and why are also different. Underneath all of this are the company’s core values – what they actually care about.


When Henry Ford started his company he wanted to enable the emerging middle class in America with mobility freedom. When Ferruccio Lamborghini started he was pissed off with Enzo Ferrari as he felt their sports cars were not good enough – then the tractor builder Ferruccio created his first masterpiece the 1964 350 GT.

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“I will build a motor car for the great multitude. It will be so low in price that no man will be unable to own one.”

~ Henry Ford

“Lamborghini is refinement, luxury and perfection.”

~ Furruccio Lamborghini.

If you acknowledge your values or not, that has no bearing on the fact that they exist and govern your every move. Think about that. Values do not require your validation to exist. THEY EXIST – and that is it. What you do with them is up to you.

We have found time-and-time again that once you fully understand them and make them a priority your growth will accelerate. Think of it as being finely tuned or running at optimum proficiency.  Or think of it as trimming the fat.

Identifying and then living by your values is critical when you’re organization is growing and looking to attract great talent and your ideal customers.

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