Values Don’t Follow Trends

It’s funny what someone picks out of a conversation. Recently I appeared on Rick Jordan’s podcast ALL IN. As we were discussing how Living Blueprint started


he connected with the statement “If you learn from a brilliant person a part of you is deleted.” This was said in the middle of a few points and he went back to it and also posted it as a key takeaway.



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Think about it, if you are required to figure something out on your own you will need to explore everything, every angle to create a process which works every time. If you learn from someone who has already been there you can skip all steps in the middle and produce the desired result. Sometimes, learning from a leader is the most appropriate thing to do ~ however ~ this way of learning leaves a gap. This gap, when explored, is where creation comes from.

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In our forthcoming book Monster: Your Billion Dollar Ideology we go through what makes our process work and the only reason it exists is I didn’t learn strategy from a teacher, I learned by doing, studying, applying and then creating a system. (then throwing it away and going through the entire cycle a few more times).