Sharing with new businesses

It’s nice to reach out to people starting companies and give them some guidance and a helping hand if possible.
This presentation was for the Burnaby Rapid Time Networking group. It was great, it was so refreshing for me as a starting business to really get some, not only vivid story telling but like some really practical examples of how important it is to know what it is that you are selling to be authentic about your business and what it is that you offer.

My biggest takeaway, I think, is that there is a process to branding yourself properly, you know it’s not willy nilly, it’s not airy-fairy, and it’s something that every single businesses persons should go through if they don’t already. It was fascinating to me because it resonated in a number of levels I was relating it to my own life experience. It causes me to think about who I really am and where that ship was going.

The Leotartist kept me occupied while I was listening to David I also was glancing at what he was doing so there was interaction that way and I thought that was a good adjunct to what David was saying. It’s more along the lines of performance art and there is so much automation now, you know the PowerPoint’s some thinks going to be more technical and I really appreciated the human aspect. It was really unique and just spoke from the heart and really authentic. I appreciate that sometimes you don’t always see that.