Give a Little Bit of Heart and Soul

One thing that we always create for our clients is a clear, visual, Harmonic Note. This is the birthplace of the brand strategy and all marketing & communications to come.  This shows the boiling point, common denominator, feature shared by staff / stakeholders / client, and depicts their relationship one another.  What makes each company tick is unique.  The model has a few key contributing factors; your products & services, beliefs & core values, what your clients are actually thinking, and what problem you solve for them. Your brand is a combination of all of these groups.

To truly understand the nature of your companies brand you must first examine what got you to where you are. Here are the three starting points; 1. you, 2. your stakeholders, 3 your clients. Deeply understanding your motives by looking for evidence in your past can really shed light onto where you’re going to end up.  As we have found time and time again – your past dictates your future. The more you understand about your thought process, your stakeholders thought processes, and of course your clients then the more you can actively control your outcomes.  If one or all three of these things are a mystery to you then the inevitability of your future can move away from your control.