Delete Your Competition

Following market trends and filling a void are great principals of business and need to be taken seriously – however – they leave out the most important part of a company. YOU.

What is Virgin without Richard Branson? Do we still love Apple like we used to, and do we trust them to lead us into the future? Beyond the iconic leader there is something equally as important guiding the company and delivering value to the world. There are four key principles: passion, talent, relevance, and obsession.

The best led companies in the world leverage four simple words to gain success and sometimes failure. David will help you understand who you are, how to double down on yourself, and uncover your true value to your market.

In this presentation you will discover:

➡ The four guiding principles behind every multi-million and billion dollar company

➡ Unravel your brand from the inside and out and discover your unique advantage

➡ Understand exactly what your customers want and deliver it to them with love

➡ Take a massive leap in 2019 by defining and owning your own market

➡ Become the Monster Brand of your industry without breaking the bank

➡ And, build a company you love just as much as your clients do

Watch the full talk: here