Don’t Duplicate – Stand on Your Own Feet

I had the pleasure of leading one of the largest groups of Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver through the rewards of deeply focusing on you and your own abilities, habits, and strengths. It is tempting to borrow ideas from others and that can lead to some success – but to really take over a market place and become the leader copying will simply not work.

What are your beliefs – based on historic evidence?

  • Have you had the tendency follow others?
  • Do your peers see you as a ‘rule breaker’?
  • Do you act first and ask for forgiveness?

This isn’t about doing things that are ethically wrong, this is about pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom. Just because something worked for one person, or an entire group of people, doesn’t mean it’s the best approach.

Being your own boss is about thinking differently, it’s about standing up for your beliefs, and fighting for a better life. With this in mind, carefully learn from others while focusing your brand, your strategy, and your livelihood on what you actually bring to the table.