American Idol – Don’t be the fool.

What if you want, so much, to be something you’re not? What if that thing you have convinced yourself and your team you’re going to become is a pipe dream.

American Idol, and every single show like it have something in common, and it makes good TV. They are happy to make a spectacle of the individuals who, by all accounts, have no talent. Actually to be clear, I’m talking about the people who adamantly believe they are just as good as, or significantly better than the best singers in the world – but they are terrible.

It’s like no one ever told them. Or worse, the people closest to them encouraged them. There is a time and a place to give polite feedback – but if that is all you get then you’re in big trouble. I have a tendency to be brutally honest, never in a mean way, but I have more respect for people to simply be polite and give a safe answer.

Here is the real issue. If you’re spending you time, and your organizations valuable time in the wrong direction – what will that cost you? Are you surrounded by ‘Yes-men‘. You know the ones, they always make you feel great and do their best to ensure the sun really does shine out of you behind. They are always there to pat you on the back and comment on just how great you are. No thanks! I want/need to be surrounded by people who call me on my BS. Every idea is not great – you need to be called out some times. You need to be kept in check.