UBC Entrepreneurship Talk

When I first arrived in Vancouver I attended a conference where Peter Legge was the key note speaker and I really enjoyed his story and how he talked on stage. I read a few of his books and really enjoyed ‘the runway of life’ and a few key points stayed with me. It seamed unattainable for me at that point to share a stage with him but now almost nine years later I had the chance to do so.

Liz and David Childs did a presentation for the UBC Sauder Business Club of Vancouver This presentation was part of their ‘Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship” event which takes place each year. My presentation focused on two main points; 1 being ‘Irresistible Branding’, and 2 being how Living Blueprint was started and what it took to get the company off of the ground.

Liz is an Emily Carr student. It was great to have a completely different approach to the artwork from the presentation with Sunny Shah. Each time we do the presentation we draw the essence of the brand that we talk about. The brand for Pacific Coastal Airlines is focused around ‘The Story of BC’ and all brand decisions are based with that in mind. Liz chose to draw people and a landscape for her composition.