Get the most out of working with agencies

There’s an old Chinese saying: “hire the one you trust and trust the one you hire,” that has an added layer of significance when your company is considering working with an external marketing agency on a job. As I’ll show you, following a few essential steps can drastically increase the odds that you’ll have a successful working relationship with an external agency and ideal results.

As a former lead of several global Fortune 500 marketing teams – including with PepsiCo, Pfizer and Unilever – I was often tasked with picking the right external marketing agency for projects, such as TV commercials, posters, product launches and other marketing initiatives. It was my responsibility to get the best outcome on a tight schedule.

After many successes and a few sleepless nights, I found that the following mix of approaches dramatically elevated the trust we placed in the agencies we worked with and increased productivity, saving us valuable time and money in the long run.

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