Mea Culpa – Own your mess!

This is a first! I was invited to speak on a panel with the Vancouver Board of Trade last week. I really didn’t know what to expect but I can say it was a great experience.

Note: Sorry for the picture quality and the fact that I didn’t get someone to take a picture of me on stage… I was wrapped up in the moment.

A question was asked to the group. “What do you do when someone attacks your social media with a horrible review” 

Contestant #1. “Bury it with anything and everything you can…”

Me. “NO… Don’t do that… That is the worst thing you can do.” Without getting to specific here I will break down my response with a story. The trolls on the internet group around, and attack, when you blatantly lie and try to bury it. What they can not work with is good old fashioned Mea Culpa. You see, when you own your mistakes, explain yourself clearly, and reveal your path forward – how you’re going to clean up your mess. The trolls have nothing to work with and will move on.