Focus Your Team

Learn the Monster Playbook to create a culture tuned to
capture opportunities unique to you




Focus Your Team

Learn the Monster Playbook to create a culture tuned to
capture opportunities unique to you




Are You at a Milestone and Need to Reflect?

✔ How do you protect your values through succession?

✔ Do your ideas and directives lack Buy-in?

✔ Does your organization struggle to finish projects?

✔ Are you burning through cash by chasing shiny objects?

✔ Are you experiencing accelerated growth?

✔ Is transition threatening your organization?

Online Workshop

Join from wherever you are and learn as a team!

Designed for leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs, this program will uncover who you are as a team and build a long-lasting work culture to capture opportunities only you can bring to the world.

In this three half-day virtual workshop, you and your team will use evidence to uncover your Organizational Values that make you uniquely you.

Every individual and every organization has innate values and talents that, when understood and leveraged, propel them to attract the right audience.

Knowing who you are does not only help with making the right strategic decisions, it focuses your efforts as you continuously master your craft and become better at being you.

There are opportunities that are uniquely yours to bring to the world, once you decipher who you are, where your sweet spot is, and how to maneuver towards it.

You can be a “dime a dozen” or highly specialized in your field, every individual and every organization has something no one can imitate. We invite you to uncover what that is so you may reinforce the right qualities and begin to thrive as a team.

We have taken what we've learned and perfected over the years and created a hands-on experience to get you started.



Stop replacing your strategy with shiny objects and make your story your most valuable asset.



Learn how the biggest organizations in the world have got this right, and how they got it wrong!



Proven methodologies to align your organization and deeply connect with your consumers.

What You Will Learn

Grasp the significance of how your core values shape the destiny of your organization.

The big picture we want to promote is in order to reach your organizational goals, should it be to enjoy a healthy business profit, reach official mandate as a government agency or non-profit, have engaged staff and happy customers, or winning the next sports championship, you have to start from identifying the heartbeat of your organization.

You will learn in this course how to uncover your true identity through a collaborative and fact-based methodology, and progressively become the Monster of your domain by following a proven decision-making framework that is informed by your organization’s DNA.

You will also be provided with tools and resources to launch on the right path as your team works towards your actualized potential.

Learning Objectives


You will acquire facts, information, and skills through the teaching of our core concepts and upon reflection of your organization and team.

  • You will brainstorm events that shaped who you are today.
    You will list your offers, past and present, to decipher your underlying values


You will demonstrate your understanding by thoughtfully considering your organization and team’s present standing and articulating it.

  • You will be able to identify how aligned you and your key people are.
    You will learn to demonstrate your core values based on evidence.


You will put into operation your newfound understanding and newly acquired knowledge and skills in your every day while focusing on the vision.

  • You will be able to leverage your best assets.
    You will learn to cultivate team alignment.
    You will develop skills to make better informed and more strategic decisions.


You will examine the elements of your organization and team to differentiate, from noise and busywork, actions that feed your passion, activities that grease your economic engine, and engagements that leverage your talents.

  • You will be able to examine your personal and business priorities.
    You will learn to distinguish between shining objectives and critical initiatives.
    You will be able to solve the mystery of what makes your organization tick.


You will formulate systems and processes that will keep you on track and focused so your entire ecosystem is affected positively by the immersion of your true identity.

  • You will learn to make strategic decisions based on your Passion, Talent, and Profession.
    You will learn to shape your culture so it is immersive and reflective of your Organizational Values.
    You will begin adapting your communications to effectively inspire and affect your team.


You will assess your efforts to improve and recommend further actions to refine and realign your path to self-mastery.

  • You will be able to measure the progress of your team.
    You will learn to evaluate how effective your implementation is.

“I had and amazing time, what I really got out of today was the polarity funnel. I’ve got my own business and I’ve really been struggling with communicating my product. This really gave me the confidence and a big breakthrough on really communicating what I am doing and the solutions I’m bringing.”


“It was great, it was refreshing not only vivid storytelling but practical examples of how important it is to know what you are selling and to be authentic about your business and what you offer.”


“I was given so many examples of so many ways of addressing the problems that I could not even have imagined existed in the first place. So I’m armed with all these fabulous ideas and I’m excited to take action – I’m a little over whelmed and excited at the same time.”

What Makes Living Blueprint So Different?

We start with the idea that your decisions are based on your unique values – for better or worse.

The better you understand your values, for what they are and not what you wish them to be – the more efficiently you can move your organization forward and gain alignment.

The Monster ideology is based on uncovering, articulating and acting on exactly who you are based on the evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is designed for teams of people who want to gain clarity on who they are as a group and uncover the unduplicable qualities and beliefs that make them unique and authentic. If you lead people or make key decisions, this workshop will provide a new perspective on how you understand leadership and decision-making.

Some of our workshop participants include top executives of large organizations, founders and entrepreneurs, managers and division heads of businesses, officers and directors of government agencies, not-for-profit, and advocacy groups, managers of music groups and sport teams, leaders of any faith affiliation, and even, families. If you believe that you matter and you stand for something, this is a workshop for you.

This workshop is for teams with a desire to become the best version of themselves. Living Blueprint’s proprietary framework will take your group beyond the typical 10-minute core value exercises and instead focus on fact-based evidence to uncover the truth about your organization and team.

If you’re a leader, decision-maker, or entrepreneur who believes in being purposeful but feels you and your team currently fall short of your potential, or you need a vision and focus but all the ways you’ve gone about it have led you no closer to feeling accomplished, this workshop will show you where you’ve gone wrong.

We recommend having a collective desire to be open and curious as a team. If you’re willing to challenge your current understanding of who you are as an organization or a group, you will be rewarded with the truth of what makes you shine and move forward boldly in unison.

We believe in decisive leadership that’s based on a collaborative foundation. Each of your team members has an important and unique perspective of who you are and what you stand for. This workshop will leverage each and every one of your knowledge, experience, and expertise and draw out insights only an expertly facilitated conversation can deliver.

Before the workshop, there will be a welcome video and a short questionnaire sent to your team. The questionnaire will take 15-20 minutes to complete and it will help your team members to get in the right headspace and prepare them for the conversation led by our facilitators.

Once the workshop commences, we will introduce the core concepts to our approach and the methodology we use to uncover your organization or team’s DNA. This allows everyone to get on the same page and speak the same language.

We will then teach you Living Blueprint’s proprietary framework and help your team work the process as a group to uncover the elements of your organization or team that stoke your passion, drive your economic engine while utilizing your innate talents.

Finally, we will help your team to internalize what has been revealed and pick up the skills and tools to apply this important learning to everyday business, before we leave your team with bonus checklists and helpful tools.

We typically book a virtual workshop four to six weeks ahead as we understand you need time to plan engagements of this importance with your key team members. For those who are eager to start the conversation, we may also be able to accommodate your request, pending our facilitators’ availability.

To help you with planning, there will be six one-and-a-half-hour sessions over three days. Each day will usually start at 1 pm and end at 4 pm, with a 10-minute break between the sessions. There will also be homework assignments each day to prepare your team for the next day. Don’t worry – these assignments will be short. We simply need you to think ahead and get in the right headspace.

We will also schedule a one-hour follow-up call, for one month after the completion of the workshop, to answer any questions you may have and encourage you as you move boldly forward as a team.

You can have two people and up to eight participants attending the workshop. Given our workshop’s collaborative and highly engaging approach, each participant is heard and will contribute significantly to the quality and experience of this workshop for all involved.

Want To Learn More About Our Methodology?


Monster is about talent, mastery of self and a deep balance with the outside world

We don’t need another simplistic how-to book, in particular of the self-help, leadership, or business “you can do it too” success genre that is dismissive of crucial context and what makes you uniquely you.

By understanding these principles, you can unlock your very own Billion Dollar Ideology. Simply put, being a Monster is an earned response from your market, employees, and stakeholders. It’s the resulting respect and admiration when everything is running well both internally and externally due to your efforts and diligence.

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