Aequin Homes

Live. Work. Love.

We develop here because
here is a reflection of you.

With decades of overseas experience as a successful multi-family residential, commercial, and mixed-use property developer, ABC Co. recognized the enormous potential of the real estate market in Vancouver and decided to contribute to the region’s development.


Being a newcomer to the Canadian market, ABC’s founder did not have the localized industry knowledge and market intelligence. Having a team of local talent with a strong business network became critical to close the gaps.


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The Catalyst Insight

With the shortage in housing supply, low Canadian dollar, and flurry of foreign investments, Vancouver’s real estate market has reached an all time high. There were development activities in every neighbourhood across Metro Vancouver. In order to capture the attention of home buyers from all backgrounds, most developers create vague market positioning and build functional projects. We recognized that authentically showing who ABC is, why it builds, and for whom it is building would be key to cultivating a good reputation and market niche.

The Living Blueprint

We led the founder through our proprietary process and turned his ideology and development philosophy into a powerful market position. Creating livable and comfortable spaces for young families was immensely personal to him. “Live Here. Work Here. Love Here.” not only described the young families he aimed to create homes for, but also conveyed his own aspirations and values.

The Work

In-depth market research and business planning kick-started the project. The insight enabled us to create a solid market entry strategy. Having identified the company’s core values and business culture, we positioned them authentically in the market and named it “Aequin Homes”, which represents human connection, love, fertility, and life, the embodiment of a thriving community filled with young families. We then proceeded to apply the brand strategy to the corporate identity, website, signage, and other materials. We commissioned two local artists to create  pieces that brought the ‘Aequin’ philosophy to life. They became core elements for the brand and building projects. We collaborated on the office design, ensuring their space embodies the brand values and brings the company to life.

The Results

Our business process and lateral thinking team gave Aequin and its founder the tools and guidance needed to enter the marketplace successfully. The brand created is authentic and personal – a true reflection of Aequin’s founder and business approach. We continue to work with them bringing Aequin communities to this region.


    • Are your divisions and executives working towards the same goal?

    • Are you at a milestone and need to reflect?

    • Do you struggle with team leadership?

    • Does your branding and marketing fall short and resemble a money pit?

    • Do you follow trends rather than stand on your own feet?

    • Is misalignment holding you back and costing you money?

    • Do your Core Values feel fake?

    • Are you an organization with a mission – or a mission with an organization.

    • Is your team focusing on distractions rather than core activities?

    • Is your executive team seasoned professionals who don’t like to be managed?


Monster is a quest for self. It’s a very powerful thing to have your face to the world be accurate and in tune with your inner reality and actions.

Your Living Blueprint now exists. It’s a piece of evidence in your organization’s history and that means something. Just like in chess, once you move a piece it sits there as a historical record if you will, and everything that happens after that has a direct or indirect relationship to that document. The key is to make the blueprint pervasive, understand what it represents and brings it to life within your company.

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