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"We have truly been empowered by Living Blueprint to take control of our own brand and to confidently move forward."


As a true global brand with agents and contracts around the world, AXYS Technologies is an environmental monitoring company focusing on oceanographic monitoring systems. As the global leader in the industry, AXYS has the constant need of expanding into new international markets. For the past 10 years, it has relied on Living BlueprintTM for positioning and strategy support.


When entering a new market, communicating AXYS’ value had been difficult. The scope of its products and services needed to be understood both at the managerial level, when the leaders are making business decisions, and at the professional level, when the engineers are learning the technical knowledge.

There was also the added challenge of helping 20+ international agents with their efforts to strengthen the existing markets and expand into new territories. With inconsistent guidance historically from AXYS, the agents ended up delivering non-brand consistent and personalized messaging and branding to further confuse the market.


Executive and Company Alignment, Key Messages, Brand Repositioning and Strategy, Marketing Materials, Website, Magazine Advertising, Product Branding

The Catalyst Insight

Being an engineering company, AXYS had traditionally focused on enhancing its technical expertise and placed a lesser importance on understanding its value and communications with its representatives and customers. This focus was attributed directly to the challenges AXYS faced. A shift in attitude internal needed to happen.

The Living Blueprint

Through our proprietary process, Living BlueprintTM helped AXYS discover its unique selling proposition. We acted as the facilitator to align the understanding among the executive team and its sales, marketing and engineering departments. AXYS was able to develop an appreciation for branding and marketing at the strategic level as a result.

We also concluded that WatchMan 500TM, the sensor I/O platform, is the common ground inside all of AXYS’ devices and the key to understanding when connecting with customers. In addition, we identified the solution to standardize communication when AXYS moved across international markets.

The Work

A Brand Standards Guide was developed to assist AXYS’ global agents in accurately applying their brand. Living BlueprintTM also created a detailed, hand-drawn infographic as a means to creatively and effectively explain the WatchMan 500TM. It was a great way to help prospective clients begin their endeavours in understanding what AXYS is regardless of language and cultural barriers.

In addition to addressing AXYS’ specific business challenges, over the past decade, we have helped create its international marketing materials from product logo development to advertising in magazines and a responsive website. Our business-oriented process allowed us to provide real business solutions instead of superficial quick fixes.

The Results

Over the years, we have deepened AXYS’ international brand and improved its market presence. AXYS personnel and Living BlueprintTM worked closely together to control the brand, helping AXYS move confidently in a strategic direction and continue to expand and  diversify.



“Throughout the process, they were engaging, respectful and helped us to understand ourselves better. We have truly been empowered to take control of our brand and confidently move forward.“

Marketing Coordinator, AXYS Technologies


    • Are your divisions and executives working towards the same goal?

    • Are you at a milestone and need to reflect?

    • Do you struggle with team leadership?

    • Does your branding and marketing fall short and resemble a money pit?

    • Do you follow trends rather than stand on your own feet?

    • Is misalignment holding you back and costing you money?

    • Do your Core Values feel fake?

    • Are you an organization with a mission – or a mission with an organization.

    • Is your team focusing on distractions rather than core activities?

    • Is your executive team seasoned professionals who don’t like to be managed?


Monster is a quest for self. It’s a very powerful thing to have your face to the world be accurate and in tune with your inner reality and actions.

Your Living Blueprint now exists. It’s a piece of evidence in your organization’s history and that means something. Just like in chess, once you move a piece it sits there as a historical record if you will, and everything that happens after that has a direct or indirect relationship to that document. The key is to make the blueprint pervasive, understand what it represents and brings it to life within your company.


“Living Blueprint really got to know us. They asked hard questions and helped us discover our unique selling proposition. Their strategic thinking brought a welcome perspective to our business and a better understanding of our customers.”

Harry Weiler
President - AXYS Technologies

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