There is much more going on in your company than you think.



The workshop

In a world rife with information overload, it is easy to become distracted and enamored by what others are doing and lose sight of what made you successful and unique in the first place. This is especially true for companies that go through a transition period. 

Whether due to a change in leadership, or an external crisis, companies have to navigate increasingly complex marketplaces while staying true who they are. This is often a challenging and risky time.

If a company overcomes such hurdles, but at the expense of losing its identity, realizing its potential in the long-term will likely be in jeopardy. To avoid falling into this common trap, it's prudent and valuable for the leadership and team of an organization to step back from time to time to reflect on who they are, so they can gain an edge.

For over a decade, this is what Living Blueprint has done for clients across diverse industries. Through our signature workshop, we can help you:

  • Gain deeper clarity around your company identity and unique strengths
  • Solidify your market position and enhance how your brand is perceived
  • Revitalize your present culture and performance by leveraging your past
  • Gain a competitive edge based on why and how you are your biggest business opportunity
  • And much, much more

To learn more about our workshop and how to tap Living Blueprint's expertise and five decades of combined experience, inquire about our workshop today.

If you require a customized workshop tailored to your unique circumstances and needs, we would be happy to accommodate you. Simply state those needs, and we'll let you know what we can do.


Training & Speaking

A great speaker can shift thinking, influence new ideas, inspire, motivate, inform and change attitudes. We know the impact of a powerful speaker can have on your audience and we love sharing our expertise and influence your crowd. All of our keynote deliveries are customized. Some of our past speaking samples include:



With six decades of combined knowledge and experience, we enjoy sharing our expertise through training to help your executive team or employees gain crucial knowledge and hands-on experience to move your company vision forward.