Does Your Organization Struggle with Alignment?


✓ How do you protect your values through succession?

✓ Are you getting the best out of your team?

✓ Is organization alignment foundational to your success?

✓ Do you know who you are or have you created a fancy story?

✓ Are you experiencing accelerated growth?

✓ Is transition threatening your organization?


Are you looking to build your teams skills and learn a proven Framework to align your organization?


Experience the workshop in person. Engage with other participants to learn the methodology and create your own Living Blueprint.


Experience the workshop in your own environment. Learn the methodology with your entire team! Work together to build your Living Blueprint.

“This becomes your Value Proposition. In my case, when I did this exercise with Amir, Immediately, within one day I went to my web designer and my copywriter and I’m like ‘we have to change the copy on our website’ in fact - we have to change the entire Mindvalley Academy website.”
— ~ Vishen Lakhiani. Founder - Mindvalley


What’s My Investment?


How much is organizational misalignment costing you? When your executives lead entire teams in the wrong direction what effect does that have on your bottom line? Do your customers feel left out of your company story? Do you have a business with a mission or a mission with a business? Are your employees and customers frustrated with your lack of vision and clarity? Is your marketing deeply authentic or does it just sound good? Are you building a company you hate? A lack of alignment may already be costing you a great deal.


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YOUR billion dollar ideology.

In a time when we’re increasingly bombarded with messages telling us “you can be anything you want,” Monster – Your Billion Dollar Ideology offers a counter-intuitive evidence-based response to founders and organizations. You can only become a greater version of you. Everything else is a distraction, or worse.

You’ll discover:

  • How to understand who you are based on evidence and aligned subjectivity

  • How to understand the gap between the ideal you and your current pragmatic reality

  • How to get better at being you by mobilizing your executives, staff, stakeholders and market

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