Are Your Executives Working Towards
The Same Goal?


✓ Are you at a milestone and need to reflect?

✓ Is misalignment holding you back and costing you money?

✓ Do your Core Values feel fake?

✓ Is your team focusing on distractions rather than core activities - do you know the difference?






A driven and focused company begins with an accurately representative set of core values and blueprint expressing what its team and leadership stand for and wish to do.

Using this philosophy, Living Blueprint™, as a specialized and discerning firm, helps clients pave the path to their goals by leading them through a carefully designed process. Our proven systems never leave your success to chance.


Insight & Discovery


The Insight and Discovery stage is crucial. It is the starting point where we investigate and gather all the “input,” which then determines the quality of the output. To ensure success, we always strive for holistic input and participation from various stakeholders throughout your company to get a multifaceted view that reveals gaps and opportunities.


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Alignment Facilitation


Every strategy we devise – every alignment session we facilitate, always begins with the company. Our process is never based on any one individual. The process is  democratic, inclusive, and based on the consensus of the entire company, making it more effective and powerful. By systematically and structurally aligning a company's team and executive leadership, the gateway to building a world-class Monster brand can be established.


Company Blueprint


With greater clarity and alignment established, a Living Blueprint™ containing the core values and guiding the DNA of a company is then created as a roadmap to realizing the company’s vision.



Whether a client requires bringing the new aligned vision to life through branding, culture, marketing, and more, we have the ability and expertise to execute on the Living Blueprint™ ourselves or guide and oversee its implementation by a company’s own team and hired talent.


Measurement and Refinement

If you are not measuring, you are not growing. With measuring standards in place, we track how well a company’s Living Blueprint™ is impacting the bottom line, and make recommendations to refine its application and guide a company towards better performance.

What You Get with Full Engagement

If you’re organization is going through accelerated growth, change, or simply getting a tone of attention it is critical to deeply understand your team, connect with your market and differentiate from the pack.

✓ Executive engagement

✓ Stakeholder engagement

✓ Culture and staff engagement

✓ Polarity Funnel

✓ A full living blueprint

✓ Gap analysis: Ideal to pragmatic

✓ Execution plan

✓ Alignment presentation

✓ year zero retreat