"Eneractive: The practice of a full and healthy life"


In early 2013, Living BlueprintTM was presented with the challenge of helping a premium botanical supplements manufacturer redirect its business. The 16-year old company was performing below its potential.



Executive and Company Alignment, Strategic Planning, Business Plan, Eneractive, Brand Positioning and Strategy, Marketing Execution, Marketing Materials, Videos, Contest 


The Challenge


Major changes in food health regulations were on the horizon, putting a considerable portion of their product offering at risk of becoming commoditized in an already competitive market. With no segmentation or client profiling and little brand awareness with fragmented marketing efforts, our client struggled to understand how to turn their strengths into tools that help gain market share.


The Catalyst Insight


In the mass market of nutritional supplements, claims of quality and scientific superiority would simply be lost in the din. We recognized that consumers needed to be engaged with first-hand experience and buy into a lifestyle. Armed with extensive market research and new insight, we helped Enerex appropriately segment its market into three distinctive audiences, each with unique needs, specific lifestyle, and an appropriate product offering.  


The Living Blueprint


Beyond proper market segmentation, we recognized that Enerex is all about approaching health holistically. Connecting who Enerex is with the market reality  produced “Eneractive - the Practice of a Full and Healthy Life.” It became the lifestyle brand experience we advocated to the three market segments. Enerex offers choices for life, supplementing the lifestyles of busy families, determined athletes, and holistic practitioners. Eneractrive became Enerex’s Living BlueprintTM.


The Work


To apply the new business intelligence, a full marketing and communications plan was developed to address each market, devised with timelines, tracking mechanisms, and appropriate budget for each tactic. With a marketing mix of health promotion, community engagement and product education, we implemented a series of branded videos, managed community engagement, and created sales tools. New communications tools such as monthly newsletters and social media campaigns were launched to cultivate consistent and frequent engagement.


The Results


Living BlueprintTM enabled Enerex to uncover its most powerful self and take ownership of its brand engagement, equipped with a complete consumer-facing marketing and branding toolkit. We continue to work as Enerex’s long-term partner to see an increase in sales in the Canadian Eastern regions and an improvement in engagement in the Western territories.