Welcome to Living Blueprint. We are a hybrid management consultancy that combines business consulting, creative agency, and change & culture management under one umbrella.

Our clients are businesses going through disruptive change, growing quickly or stagnating without clear vision or alignment.


We help executive teams and companies achieve alignment with their core values and external market opportunities, enabling them to realize their greater potential.

We are the product of over six decades of combined experience working with founders and CEOs of 8-figure companies, resulting in a systematic process that has proven to work time and again for all kinds of businesses across various stages and industries.

We revitalize your business by guiding stakeholders to a unanimous vision for the company

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why and how you are your biggest business opportunity

What truly makes a company intimidating to its competitors and inspiring to not only its customer-base but also everyone within it? It’s relatively easy to compete with a product or service – but fighting against belief-systems, core values, and a powerfully aligned group of individuals requires a new set of rules. Monster is the affectionate term we use to describe a business built on a deep understanding of self, which in turn enables clarity and empowers business growth.

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